Drip and Micro Irrigation Design and Management by Burt and StylesDrip and Micro Irrigation Design and Management
 for Trees, Vines and Field Crops Practice plus Theory

Charles M. Burt, Ph.D., P.E. and Stuart W. Styles, D.E., P.E.

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This book is targeted for people who need to know practical, technical details related to design, material selection, installation, and management of drip and micro irrigation systems.  The information in this book was obtained over the years from discussions with literally hundreds of growers, system designers, installers, and professionals.  This information is (i) a mix of new ideas developed by the authors; (ii) a compilation of grower, dealer, and manufacturer experiences and common knowledge; and (iii) some data from published articles or books. 

Table of Contents


Section 1  Drip and Micro Irrigation General Principles
  Chapter 1  Background to Drip/Micro Irrigation
  Chapter 2  Irrigation Efficiency and Uniformity
  Chapter 3  Evaluation and Improvement of Drip/Micro Systems
  Chapter 4  System Flow Rate Requirements
  Chapter 5  Salinity for Drip/Micro
  Chapter 6  Emitter/Sprayer Designs
  Chapter 7  Hose Friction and Hydraulics
  Chapter 8  Strategies for Sizing Pipes and Hoses
  Chapter 9  Special Valves
  Chapter 10  Filtration
  Chapter 11  Chemical Injection for Water Treatment
  Chapter 12  Irrigation Consumer Bill of Rights 


Section 2  Row and Field Crop Drip

  Chapter 13  Background to Row and Field Crop Drip
  Chapter 14  Benefits from Row Crop Drip
  Chapter 15  Typical Field Layouts
  Chapter 16  Management and Design Considerations
  Chapter 17  Design of Tape/Hose Laterals
  Chapter 18  Flushing of Hoses and Manifolds - Tape
  Chapter 19  Example Design of Manifold Sizing


Section 3  Subsurface Drip (SDI) on Trees/Vines

  Chapter 20  Permanent Buried Drip (SDI) on Trees/Vines

Section 4  Example Designs

  Chapter 21  Example Drip Design #1 Vines - Pressure Regulator on each Hose
  Chapter 22  Example Drip Design #2 Vines - No Pressure Regulators at Individual Hoses
  Chapter 23  Example Drip Design #3 Vines - Pressure Compensating Emitters
  Chapter 24  Detailed Design of Microspray System
  Chapter 25  Row Crop Tape Design