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:: Irrigation Evaluation Data ::

Welcome to the Irrigation Evaluation Project.  The purpose of this page is to provide access to Irrigation Evaluation data that has been collected and compiled over the years.  The spreadsheets available below are free for public use.  For more information about the ITRC Irrigation Evaluation program, ITRC has additional resources available on this website:



Downloadable Data

Data is compiled in spreadsheets for six types of irrigation systems. This data is meant for use with the evaluation data input and results forms for each particular system type, generated using the Irrigation Evaluation program.  To retrieve each Excel spreadsheet, click on the irrigation method below.

Border strip    Border Strip   Linear move sprinkler   Linear Move Sprinkler
Furrow    Furrow   Drip/micro     Drip/Micro
   Updated September 2016
Undertree    Undertree Sprinkler
  Hand Move

Hand Move and Solid Set Sprinkler

(Because of the amount of information for each entry, Hand Move and Solid Set Sprinkler data is divided into three spreadsheets)