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Photo Gallery - Student Summer Jobs and Field Experience

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Drip system evaluation
Lisa Tenbrink and Chris Hinds evaluating a drip system
Near Visalia
Robin Gamble and Todd Weddle with Dr. Burt near Visalia
Drip irrigation class
Sarah Herman helping with a drip irrigation class
Valerie Dawe in Bucayao, Philippines with Dr. Burt
Thad Barsotti in Vietnam with Dr. Styles
SCADA programming
Bryan Busch programming a new Doppler flow meter
Sprinkler evaluations
Summer job evaluating sprinklers in Hermiston, Oregon
Omar Reveles installing a demonstration Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system
Dissipator plate evaluation
Matt Reichmuth evaluating the operation of a new dissipator plate
Lid installation at WDF
Installing new concrete lid at ITRC Water Resources Facility