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Irrigation project modernization is a process of technical and managerial upgrading (as opposed to mere rehabilitation) of irrigation schemes with the objective of improving resource utilization (labor, water, economics, environmental) and water delivery service to farms.  This process utilizes specific actions and tools to achieve objectives, focusing on the concept of service by the irrigation project to the farm.

Modernized check structure in Government Highline Canal

Many modernization programs tend to focus on expensive rehabilitations of canals or pipelines, which may only deal with one or a few of the superficial problems that a district faces.  ITRC has found that modernization success depends upon looking at all parts of the system as a whole, and focusing on technical and administrative issues as well as physical and infrastructure needs.

Over the past 25 years, ITRC has established a track record of success with its irrigation modernization recommendations to districts.  ITRC has worked with the majority of the sizeable (and many small) irrigation districts in California on modernization issues.  Irrigation districts, integrators, consulting engineers, and others look to ITRC for pertinent information via the ITRC website and its short courses.  Due to the outstanding success of its modernization efforts, ITRC recommendations are continually sought after by industry professionals.  ITRC developed the modernization procedures that have been promoted by various offices of the World Bank and FAO around the world.

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