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Variable Frequency Pumping


 Sponsors: Southern California Edison, California Energy Commission, CSU/ARI, US Bureau of Reclamation
 Reports Available:   ITRC Reports No. R 19-005, R 19-005, R 11-005, R 06-004, R 04-002, R 02-006 R 02-009R 95-001, and R 94-002


For over twenty years, ITRC has been involved in projects involving the research on, or evaluation of variable frequency drive motors used for pumping water for irrigation districts, farms, or dairies.  ITRC has also developed detailed specifications for irrigation districts planning variable frequency drive systems, to ensure the appropriate use and installation of VFDs.

Reports available on the ITRC website related to variable frequency drives include:

  • VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Specifications for Water Pumping Applications
    • Specifications for Irrigation District Pumps (R 19-005)
    • Specifications for On-Farm Pumps (R 19-006)
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Controlled Irrigation Pumps – Analysis of Potential Rebate (R 11-005)
  • Electric Motor Efficiency under Variable Frequencies and Loads (R 06-004)
  • Power Quality - Measurement and Conditioning Related to Variable Frequency Drives in Irrigation Districts (R 04-002)
  • Benefits of variable frequency drives (R 02-006)
  • VFD system planning guide (R 02-009)
  • Study of VFD use at Delano-Earlimart ID (R 95-001)
  • Estimating the payback of a VFD system (R 94-002)